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1. JSON_OBJECT Function

The JSON_OBJECT function in H2 database is used to create a JSON object with the specified key-value pairs.

2. Syntax

The syntax for the JSON_OBJECT function in H2 database is as follows:

JSON_OBJECT(key1, value1, key2, value2, ...)


  • key1, key2, ...: The keys for the JSON object. These should be strings.
  • value1, value2, ...: The corresponding values associated with the keys. These can be any valid JSON values.


  • The JSON_OBJECT function returns a JSON object with the specified key-value pairs.

3. Notes

  • The keys and values can be column names, constants, or expressions.
  • If a key or value is NULL, it will be converted to the JSON null value in the resulting object.
  • The JSON_OBJECT function can be used to construct complex JSON objects by nesting multiple JSON_OBJECT functions or combining with other JSON functions.
  • H2 database supports the JSON format, but it does not provide the full range of JSON functions and operators available in other databases such as PostgreSQL or MySQL.

4. Examples

Here are a few examples demonstrating the usage of the JSON_OBJECT function in H2 database:

Example 1 - Creating a simple JSON object:

SELECT JSON_OBJECT('name', 'John', 'age', 30) AS json_object;



Example 2 - Creating a JSON object with values from columns:

CREATE TABLE employees (
name VARCHAR(100),
department VARCHAR(100)

INSERT INTO employees VALUES (1, 'Alice', 'HR'), (2, 'Bob', 'Finance');

SELECT JSON_OBJECT('id', id, 'name', name, 'department', department) AS json_object
FROM employees;


  • json_array - Create a JSON array with specified values.
  • JSON_VALUE - Extract a scalar value from a JSON object or array.
  • JSON_ARRAYAGG - Aggregate values into a JSON array.