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SQL Dock for H2 Database

H2 Database SQL Documentation

SQLDock aims to be the best documentation for any SQL server. I wanted to be able to quickly press Ctrl+K and get examples of functions available within my database. To also compare what each database offered. Thus SQLDock was born.


ascii, bit_length, btrim, char, char_length, concat, concat_ws, difference, hextoraw, left, locate, lower, lpad, ltrim, octet_length, quote_ident, rawtohex, regexp_like, regexp_replace, regexp_substr, repeat, replace, right, rpad, rtrim, soundex, space, stringdecode, stringencode, stringtoutf8, substring, to_char, translate, trim, upper, utf8tostring, xmlattr, xmlcdata, xmlcomment, xmlnode, xmlstartdoc, xmltext


abs, acos, asin, atan, atan2, ceil, cos, cosh, cot, degrees, exp, floor, greatest, least, ln, log, log10, mod, ora_hash, pi, power, radians, rand, round, sin, sinh, sqrt, tan, tanh, trunc, zero


current_date, current_time, current_timestamp, date_trunc, dateadd, datediff, day_of_month, day_of_week, day_of_year, dayname, extract, formatdatetime, hour, iso_day_of_week, iso_week, iso_year, last_day, localtime, localtimestamp, minute, month, monthname, parsedatetime, quarter, second, week, year


array_append, array_cat, array_contains, array_get, array_max_cardinality, array_slice, cardinality, json_array, json_object, trim_array, unnest


bitand, bitcount, bitget, bitnand, bitnor, bitnot, bitor, bitxnor, bitxor, lshift, rotateleft, rotateright, rshift, ulshift, urshift


current_catalog, current_path, current_role, current_schema, current_user, database_path, disk_space_used, h2version, link_schema, lock_mode, lock_timeout, memory_free, memory_used, set


compress, decrypt, encrypt, expand, hash, random_uuid, secure_rand, sign


csvread, csvwrite, file_read, file_write


nextval, nullif, nvl2, readonly, rownum, session_id, transaction_id, truncate_value


abort_session, autocommit, cancel_session, coalesce, convert, currval, data_type_sql, db_object_id, db_object_sql, decode, estimated_envelope, signal, table